Knossos, the center of Minoan civilization and the capital of Minoan Crete is worth a visit.

The tour to Knossos is made in two different ways.

The classical tour where you visit the excavations of Knossos and the archaeological museum in Heraklion. On this tour you have the possibility to visit the center of Heraklion too, where you can enjoy a lunch or do some shopping.

Or you can choose the tour where we visit the site of Knossos and the eastern part of Crete, Lassithi. On this tour we do not visit the museum in Heraklion. Lassithi is a gem – according to legends, the main god Zeus was born in a cave in Crete. We visit the Dikteon Cave, a pottery workshop and the monastery of Kera in Lassithi which is known for its many and beautiful windmills.

Knossos Gallery

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Knossos Location