Gramvousa – Balos

We travel by bus from Rethymno to the outskirts of Chania and the port of Kastelli.

A boat will be waiting to take us to the island of Gramvousa and the beautiful lagoon of Balos. Words cannot describe the impressiveness of this place. Swim in the lukewarm, shallow, turquoise waters, relax on the pink sandy beach, which is filled with shells, and admire the natural beauty, the rocks and the cliffs rising above you!

When sailing you will have the chance to see a large cave, which is thought to be an ancient shipyard. At the end of the bay, you will see an impressive geological phenomenon. Over time, Crete’s western side is rising, and its eastern side is sinking. The coastline can be traced over the rocky shores.

In Gramvousa you will see a rusty shipwreck. This is “Dimitrios P”, a motor ship that sank in 1968.

From the Venetian fort on the island of Gramvousa there is a breathtaking view over Balos. Bring comfortable shoes if you would like to climb the about 20 minutes climb to the fort. Or if you prefer, you can stay on the beach to swim. You might want to wear swimming shoes in these clear, bur rocky waters.

The boat continues to Balos (or the other way around depending on the itinerary).

This exotic beach-lagoon and rare natural monument is situated between the Gramvousa peninsula and Cape Tigani.

The boat is open to enter at all times and the self-service bar is open throughout the cruise, offering Cretan traditional delicacies and other dishes.

Don’t forget your swimwear for our stay in the white/pink coral sanded lagoon of Balos.

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