Samaria Gorge (Long Way)

On your Samaria Gorge adventure, the bus will take you first along the north coast and then up into the White Mountains to the Omalos Plateau and the entrance to the Gorge. There, at a height of 1.100m, you will begin the 16km walk through the longest and most beautiful gorge in Europe. After the strenuous but spectacular walk, you will be conveyed by boat on an equally glorious trip from Agia Roumeli, the village at the end of the gorge, to Chora Sfakion, where the bus will be waiting to take you back home. Good walking shoes are necessary.

Samaria (Easy Way)

You can also see and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Samaria Gorge without having to walk 16km. The bus will take you through the romantic village of Vrisses to Chora Sfakion. From here, a boat will take you to the end of the gorge, where you can either walk into the gorge and enjoy the untouched beauty of the mountains, or just relax swimming in the crystal clear water of the Libyan Sea. From Agia Roumeli, the boat will take you back to Chora Sfakion, where the bus will be waiting to take you home on a route with beautiful views.

Knossos – Museum (Heraklion)

On this excursion you have the opportunity to visit the excavation sites of the Palace of Knossos, built in 2000 BC. Knossos was the prosperous Minoan Capital and the residence of King Minos. Some believe, that the intricate Palace with its many rooms was the mythical Labyrinth. By discovering the site not too long ago, archeologists found the first of all advanced civilizations in Europe. The tour is followed by a visit to the Museum of Heraklion, where you can see the largest collection of Minoan findings from Crete.

Elafonissi (PEARL OF THE WEST)

After 2 hours heading West, the bus turns toward the South into the heart of Crete. At our first stop at a small taverna you will have the opportunity to have breakfast and/or a coffee. A 30 minute ride will take you to the Monastery of Chryssoskalitissa. From here it is just a small ride to reach the Libyan Sea and the main goal of this tour, the beautiful beach of Elafonissi – the most westerly point of Crete. Here you have 3 hours to swim in the crystal waters and enjoy the beautiful sandy beach and its surrounding nature.

On the way back before reaching the National road we will stop at the beautiful cave of Agia Sofia with its chapel, where you can also relax and have a refreshing drink or cup of coffee in a tavern nearby. Following the New Road you will be taken back to your hotels.

Gramvoussa – Ballos

On the New Road, the bus takes you west through the outskirts of Chania to the port of Kastelli. Here, a boat will take you to the small island Gramvoussa with its imposing Venetian castle and breathtaking views. After 2 hours of stay the boat will take you to the lagoon of Balos. The fabulous clear water of the lagoon and the white coral sand makes an irresistible paradise for all guests. After 2 hours the boat will take you back to Kastelli where the bus waits to pick you up. Walking shoes are necessary (for the climb to the castle).

Photo Safari – South Trip


Enjoy this magnificent tour of South Crete where you will have the chance to enjoy the natural beauties of this island. Our tour begins through the impressive mountain range of Lefka Ori. We continue our way going through the magnificent plateau of Askifou and driving parallel to the beautiful Imbros Gorge. We finally reach Frangokastello, to see the beautiful und mysterious old castle. Crossing the most beautiful coastline of South Crete we reach the wonderful village of Plakias by the sea where you can enjoy a swim or have lunch in one of the local taverns. Afterwards we will visit the well known monastery of Preveli with a magnificent view over the Libyan Sea. On our way back you will have the chance to admire the breathtaking Kourtaliotiko gorge. By the end of this tour you will have visited one of the most magnificent sites of Crete and you will have probably taken the best photos of Cretan beauty.

Traditional Villages


This coach – tour leads you through beautiful landscapes and villages in the heart of Crete. You don’t have to go to superlatives or to reach the peak of the Ida mountains range at a height of 2.456m to get an impression of the wild nature in this region. Half hour walking in the mountain range Kedros by the village of Ano Meros and you have the majestic view in front of you. The survival of every living creature depends on knowing the places, where water – the essence of life – can be found. Kaloidena is such a place, and from here you can enjoy the impressive mountains landscape. Plane trees, dry rivers, the voices of the shepherds – that you often do not see – make time stand still. The Byzantine monuments of Agios Ioannis and Sotiras Christos of Kaloidena are major chapels in the area of Amari. We finish our tour on the South coast of Agia Galini where you can swim or refresh yourself. Fantastic landscapes, olive trees, gorges, mountains, crystal clear water and history makes this coach – tour a fantastic adventure in the heart of the island. During the tour, you will have  the chance to visit the fantastic dam of the rivers.


Imbros Gorge

A natural beauty, not as well known as the Samaria Gorge, is the magnificent gorge of Imbros. It is 7 km and easier to walk through. It’s almost parallel to the Samaria gorge and it takes almost 3 hrs walking. The bus will be waiting for you at the exit of the Gorge at the village of Komitades. Our next stop is at a beautiful beach where you can swim or enjoy a meal at the local taverns. This walk is suitable for children.



To join the local people of Axos even for one evening in their festivities is undoubtedly a unique experience. You are welcome by all residents of the village, to have a chat, to celebrate with them, to taste the famous Cretan cuisine with lots of local wine, dance and music… to live picturesque moments full of beauty. This place high up in the mountains that never stopped to be populated for 6.000 years now, forms a passage through centuries of adventures, traditions and culture. Walking through the alleys of the village one meets hospitality, by smiles, proud, genuine people and countless pictures of the traditional mountain life.


Water Park

A nice drive along the northcoast of the island takes you towards Heraklion and the east side of the island. Close to the village of Anopoli located on a mountaintop is the beautiful park of Watercity, the biggest water park in Crete. A day filled with fun on the many exciting “slides”, but you can also swim, play many water games, relax and enjoy the sun in and around the many pools or on a sunbed in the green and beautiful park of Watercity.